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Proving Ownership of a NFT

On my journey of understanding NFT’s more deeply I’m now trying to understand how could someone validate that I own a NFT. Let’s narrow our focus to NFT’s that are digital artwork. Why is this important? In my opinion, NFT’s can be replicated and copied easier then physical assets such as purses and shoes because …

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Theres a trend going on with people adding a .eth ending to their name on Twitter. I started noticing a few weeks ago, but I really took notice when people that I follow and know personally updated their name on Twitter. I knew it had something to do with crypto because ETH is the ticker …

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Leveraging My Brand

This year I decided to intentionally focus on my personal brand. Believe it or not…I’m really a shy person with some major insecurities. This has plagued me for years. I just don’t like the way I sound and look on recorded media. I hardly ever listen or watch recorded video with me in it. Likewise, …

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