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New Startup Makes Trip Planning Easy

I typically don’t work with startups that make my personal life easier, but this Metro Detroit based startup solves a big problem for me. The problem is finding cool, hip, and exciting places to visit based on my preferences when traveling out of town. Sure…I can spend hours Googling for places, reading reviews, and requesting …

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Wayne State Hackathon

Building Trust for Your New Company

As many of your know, I work as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at TechTown Detroit. In this role I provide mentorship and nuggets of information about bootstrapping companies from my 15-year experience in building companies. I don’t focus on building one-company at a time, but I build multiple companies at the same time, which …

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Proving Ownership of a NFT

On my journey of understanding NFT’s more deeply I’m now trying to understand how could someone validate that I own a NFT. Let’s narrow our focus to NFT’s that are digital artwork. Why is this important? In my opinion, NFT’s can be replicated and copied easier then physical assets such as purses and shoes because …

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